The Designer

 About Candice, the designer, she goes by Candy__zen on insta! 

She's well traveled, lived in Europe for a few years, married to a gorgeous Italian who is a mad scientist and has three gorgeous girls who are her main inspiration.    

Shoes have been her jam for over 20 years, growing up in a beautiful entrepreneurial family that have had over 9 European Footwear boutiques across Queensland and not to mention manufactured their own brand of upmarket ladies shoes here on the Gold Coast, Candice has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to small business and quality product.  Candice has owned and operated luxury homeware and lifestyle boutique, imported European ladies footwear, shoe shops!  She's had her own footwear label from Morroco, sourced homewares from all over the world and worked with massive brands like Missoni Home, Royal Doulton, Waterford Wedgewood, Azuree, the list goes on.  

One day Candice asked herself if she was doing something that made her happy?  Another year would go by, doing what she thought was the right thing to do, follow in her Dad's retail footsteps, work hard and be thankful for the lifestyle small business allows a young mum to enjoy. 

A few years of covid, border closures, crazy weather and the loss of her father to a long battle with cancer, Candice was a little bit lost and you could say experienced a few failures along the way, which she says only paved the road to where she is now. 

2020 Candice suffered a cardiac episode, in her kitchen, kids were at school, husband at work, laying on the floor waiting for the ambulance felt like a lifetime to her, she layed on the floor with her 14 year old dog Stella. 

Since that day, everything about her life has changed, she is zen, she meditates, she burns sage, she carried a crystal in her handbag, she even blesses all her BHAPPY beads, she beams gratitude and warmth.  Her three girls Capri (9), Mica (8) and Olympia (4) help her pack and post all the BHAPPY orders, encouraging them to be creative and teaching them to respect the flow of money. 

Candice is doing what makes her happy, she doesn't know what is next or around the corner, however she just loves wearing her BHAPPY, preferably multiple pieces at a time.