What is Enamel Jewelry?

Why Buy Enamel Jewelry?

Enamel jewelry is becoming one of the most popular types of jewelry on the market. Here are some reasons that make it a great choice:

  1. It’s fashionable and modern
  2. Adds color to neutral attire
  3. Affordable and available
  4. Wide range of designs, colors and styles
  5. Used with both costume jewelry and fine jewelry
  6. Vintage pieces are a collectible
  7. Has a long history


What Is Enamel Jewelry Made Of?

Enamel is made of metal and a powder coating. The process involves fusing the powder coating to the base metal at extremely high temperatures. Enamel is quite temperamental and requires great skill in getting it just right.

The color of the enamel powder at the start is not always what the finished product will look like, as the heating process can alter the colors and transparency.

The higher the temperature, the more likely the enamel is to be translucent with vibrant colors, whereas lower temperatures may result in opaque enamel with lower color vibrancy and a greater likelihood of getting damaged.

The final look of the enamel depends largely on the intensity of the temperature as well as on the oxide content of the base metal.


How to Clean and Care for Enamel Jewelry

Enamel is fairly easy to clean and maintain. It’s quite durable and isn’t easily prone to damage.

To keep enamel jewelry clean, just follow the same process that you would for other types of jewelry. Simply use warm water and a mild liquid soap to soak the enamel jewelry and then use a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt on the piece. Rinse the piece thoroughly, taking care not to leave any soapy residue on the jewelry. Dry with a lint-free cloth and store it with care.



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